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The Journal of CESNUR, Volume 6 issue 5. Cover

Volume 6, Issue 5, September-October 2022 (View full issue)

Nuclear Disarmament After Ukraine: The Future of Soka Gakkai’s Anti-Nuclear-Weapons Movement
Rosita Šorytė
(pp. 3–17) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2022.6.5.1

Exorcizing the Atomic Bomb Through the Arts in Italy: From Eaismo to Senzatomica
Massimo Introvigne
(pp. 18–38) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2022.6.5.2

Daisaku Ikeda’s Philosophy and Soka Gakkai’s Actions Against Nuclear Weapons: Reviving Teachings of Nichiren Buddhism
Kazuhiro Tobisawa
(pp. 39–49) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2022.6.5.3

Senzatomica: Transforming the Human Spirit for a World Free of Nuclear Weapons
Enza Pellecchia
(pp. 50–58) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2022.6.5.4


Claire Newell, Katherine Rushton, Sophie Barnes, Janet Eastham, and Jack Leather, “Call Bethel”
Reviewed by Massimo Introvigne
(pp. 59–79) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2022.6.5.5

The Family Survival Trust, Coercive Control in Cultic Groups in the United Kingdom
Reviewed by Massimo Introvigne and James T. Richardson
(pp. 80–87) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2022.6.5.6

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