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The Journal of Cesnur 2_3 CoverVolume 2, Issue 3, May–June 2018 (View full issue)

Introduction: Mysticism, the Esoteric Paradigm, and Oleg Maltsev
PierLuigi Zoccatelli
(pp. 3–13) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2018.2.3.1

In Search of Mysticism: Oleg Maltsev and the Applied Sciences Association
Massimo Introvigne
(pp. 14–35) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2018.2.3.2

No Fear No Regret: Oleg Maltsev and the Mythical History of Salvatore Giuliano
Raffaella Di Marzio
(pp. 36–53) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2018.2.3.3

Anti-Cult Wars in Europe: FECRIS, Alexander Dvorkin and Others. The Case of the Applied Sciences Association in Odessa
Willy Fautré
(pp. 54–65) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2018.2.3.4

Applied Sciences Association: An Annotated Bibliography and Filmography of Primary Sources
The Journal of CESNUR
(pp. 66–114) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2018.2.3.5



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