The journal of Cesnur Volume 4, Issue 3_cover

Volume 4, Issue 3, May–June 2020 (View full issue)

Shincheonji: An Introduction
Massimo Introvigne
(pp. 3–20) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2020.4.3.1

“Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light”: Shincheonji as a Global Social Actor and Its Enemies
Rosita Šorytė
(pp. 21–34) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2020.4.3.2

Coercive Change of Religion in South Korea: The Case of the Shincheonji Church
Willy Fautré
(pp. 35–56) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2020.4.3.3

“People Trapped Inside Shincheonji”: Broadcasting the Darker Side of Deprogramming
Raffaella Di Marzio
(pp. 57–69) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2020.4.3.4

Shincheonji and the COVID-19 Epidemic: Sorting Fact from Fiction
Massimo Introvigne, Willy Fautré, Rosita Šorytė, Alessandro Amicarelli, and Marco Respinti
(pp. 70–86) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2020.4.3.5

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