The Journal of Cesnur, volume 8 issue 1. Cover.

Volume 8, Issue 1, January–February 2024 (View full issue)

The Controversies Around Natha Yoga Center in Helsinki: Background, Causes, and Context
Liselotte Frisk†
(pp. 3–33) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2024.8.1.1

The Hiroshima Panels and Soka Gakkai’s Anti-Atomic-Weapon Aesthetics
Massimo Introvigne
(pp. 34–61) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2024.8.1.2

Update on the Buenos Aires Yoga School
Alessandro Amicarelli
(pp. 62–78) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2024.8.1.3

Research Notes

Jehovah’s Witnesses and Shunning
Massimo Introvigne
(pp. 79–105) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2024.8.1.4


Novedades sobre la Escuela de Yoga de Buenos Aires
Alessandro Amicarelli
Supplement to Volume 8, Issue 1, January-February 2024
(pp. I—XVII) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2024.supp.8.1.1


Volume 7, Issue 6, November–December 2023 (View full issue)

Russian Anti-Scientology Technology and the Ukrainian War
Rosita Šorytė
(pp. 3–18) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2023.7.6.1

The Myth of a Russia Besieged by “Cults”: From Ivan Ilyin to the Russian FECRIS’ Campaigns Against Scientology
Massimo Introvigne
(pp. 19–33) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2023.7.6.2

The Unification Church Issue in Japan: An Analysis by a Japanese Christian Theologian
Haruhisa Nakagawa
(pp. 34–44) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2023.7.6.3 

Research Notes

From Mental Health to Spiritual Technology: The Evolution of Religious Practice in Scientology
Attila Miklovicz
(pp. 45–60) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2023.7.6.4 

Why New Proposals to Criminalize Jehovah’s Witnesses’ “Shunning” Are Wrong: A Response to Grendele, Flax, and Bapir-Tardy
Massimo Introvigne and James T. Richardson
(pp. 61–69) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2023.7.6.5


“Dear Prime Minister Kishida”: Why the Unification Church Should Not Be Dissolved
Tatsuki Nakayama
(pp. 70–92) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2023.7.6.6

The Journal of CESNUR, Volume 6 issue 6. Cover

Volume 6, Issue 6, November-December 2022 (View full issue)

Beth Sarim: Princes, Slander, and the Millennium
Massimo Introvigne
(pp. 3–23) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2022.6.6.1

“I Will Shoot Him, or Cut His Throat, Spill His Blood on the Ground”: Mormon Blood Atonement and Utah Capital Punishment
Michael W. Homer
(pp. 24–46) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2022.6.6.2

Scientology, Jehovah’s Witnesses, “Cults,” and Conspiracy Theories in Russia Before and During the War in Ukraine
Rosita Šorytė
(pp. 47–73) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2022.6.6.3

Research Notes

The Assassination of Shinzo Abe and the Unification Church
Massimo Introvigne
(pp. 74–96) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2022.6.6.4


The Abe Assassination Case: Supplemental Statement Submitted at the 136th Session of the United Nations Human Rights Committee
Coordination des Associations et des Particuliers pour la Liberté de Conscience (CAP-LC)
(pp. 97–106) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2022.6.6.5

The Journal of CESNUR, Volume 6 issue 5. Cover

Volume 6, Issue 5, September-October 2022 (View full issue)

Nuclear Disarmament After Ukraine: The Future of Soka Gakkai’s Anti-Nuclear-Weapons Movement
Rosita Šorytė
(pp. 3–17) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2022.6.5.1

Exorcizing the Atomic Bomb Through the Arts in Italy: From Eaismo to Senzatomica
Massimo Introvigne
(pp. 18–38) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2022.6.5.2

Daisaku Ikeda’s Philosophy and Soka Gakkai’s Actions Against Nuclear Weapons: Reviving Teachings of Nichiren Buddhism
Kazuhiro Tobisawa
(pp. 39–49) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2022.6.5.3

Senzatomica: Transforming the Human Spirit for a World Free of Nuclear Weapons
Enza Pellecchia
(pp. 50–58) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2022.6.5.4


Claire Newell, Katherine Rushton, Sophie Barnes, Janet Eastham, and Jack Leather, “Call Bethel”
Reviewed by Massimo Introvigne
(pp. 59–79) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2022.6.5.5

The Family Survival Trust, Coercive Control in Cultic Groups in the United Kingdom
Reviewed by Massimo Introvigne and James T. Richardson
(pp. 80–87) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2022.6.5.6

The Journal of CESNUR, Volume 6 issue 4. Cover

Volume 6, Issue 4, July-August 2022 (View full issue)

Archeosophical Icon Painting and Iconognosis
Daniele Corradetti
(pp. 4–18) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2022.6.4.1

Archeosophical Music and Melurgy
Daniele Corradetti and Francesco Cresti
(pp. 19–37) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2022.6.4.2

Archeosophy, the Arts, and Poetry
Massimo Introvigne
(pp. 38–61) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2022.6.4.3

The Swedish Asylum Case of Gregorian Bivolaru, 2005
Rosita Šorytė
(pp. 62–74) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2022.6.4.4

Research Notes / Emic Conference Papers on the Tai Ji Men Case

“Calling a Stag a Horse”: Words, Subversion, and the Tai Ji Men Case
Lily Chen
(pp. 75–83) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2022.6.4.5

Religious Freedom Issues in Post-Authoritarian Democracies: Taiwan and the Tai Ji Men Case
Chen Chieh-An
(pp. 84–92) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2022.6.4.6

A Tale of Two Countries: What Taiwan Can Learn from Canada
Jessica Kuo
(pp. 93–102) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2022.6.4.7

Dancing with the Dragon: Holistic Education and the Tai Ji Men Crisis in Taiwan
Linda P.-L. Chen
(pp. 103–112) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2022.6.4.8

Taiwan’s Tax System, the Two Covenants, and the Tai Ji Men Case: Six Problems
Annie Cheng
(pp. 113–121) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2022.6.4.9

Young Taiwanese Dizi and the Tai Ji Men Case
Huang Pin Chia
(pp. 122–130) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2022.6.4.10

Book Reviews

Massimo Introvigne, Sacred Eroticism: Tantra and Eros in the Movement for Spiritual Integration into the Absolute (MISA)
Reviewed by Michele Olzi
(pp. 131–139) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2022.6.4.11

The Journal of CESNUR, Volume 6 issue 3. Cover

Volume 6, Issue 3, May–June 2022 (View full issue)

Anti-Cult Ideology and FECRIS: Dangers for Religious Freedom
Luigi Berzano, Boris Falikov, Willy Fautré, Liudmyla Filipovich, Massimo Introvigne, Bernadette Rigal-Cellard
(pp. 3–24) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2022.6.3.1

Sympathy for the Devil: The Anti-Cult Federation FECRIS and Its Support for Russian and Chinese Repression of Religion
Luigi Berzano, Boris Falikov, Willy Fautré, Liudmyla Filipovich, Massimo Introvigne, Bernadette Rigal-Cellard
(pp. 25–67) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2022.6.3.2

“Secretophobia”: The Modern Prejudice Against Religious and Spiritual Secrets
Rosita Šorytė
(pp. 68–82) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2022.6.3.3

The Secret of the Confession: A Thing of the Past?
Massimo Introvigne
(pp. 83–100) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2022.6.3.4

Emic Perspectives on the Tai Ji Men Case
Annie Cheng and Liu Yin-Chun
(pp. 101–114) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2022.6.3.5

The Journal of Cesnur, volume 6 issue 2 - cover

Volume 6, Issue 2, March–April 2022 (View full issue)

Cardiognosis and Archeosophy: Mystical Asceticism Within the Struggles of Modern Life
Daniele Corradetti
(pp. 3–31) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2022.6.2.1

Tommaso Palamidessi’s The Christian Book of the Dead: A Book for the Living
Francesco Cresti and Daniele Corradetti
(pp. 32–61) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2022.6.2.2

The Universal Peace Federation: Moon Front or Respected NGO?
Alessandro Amicarelli, Willy Fautré, Holly Folk, Massimo Introvigne, Marco Respinti, Bernadette Rigal-Cellard, and Rosita Šorytė
(pp. 62–80) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2022.6.2.3

The Anti-Xie-Jiao Tradition, Taiwanese Governments, and Minority Religions
Massimo Introvigne
(pp. 81–90) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2022.6.2.4

Tai Ji Men and the Tai Ji Men Case: Politics Versus Spiritual Minorities
Chen Yi-Jing
(pp. 91–97) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2022.6.2.5

The United Nations, Transitional Justice, and Religious Liberty
Rosita Šorytė
(pp. 98–107) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2022.6.2.6

Transitional Justice and Religious Liberty in Taiwan
Tsai Cheng-An
(pp. 108–116) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2022.6.2.7

The Journal of Cesnur volume 6 issue 1 cover

Volume 6, Issue 1, January–February 2022 (View full issue)

Providence Church and the Festinger Syndrome
Massimo Introvigne
(pp. 3–26) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2022.6.1.1

The Christian Gospel Mission (Providence) Church in Taiwan
Tsai Chih-Che and Peng Ten-Lung
(pp. 27–77) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2022.6.1.2

The Charitable Works of Vietnamese Caodaism
Nguyễn Tuấn Em
(pp. 78–91) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2022.6.1.3

The Journal of Cesnur volume 5 issue 6 cover

Volume 5, Issue 6, November–December 2021 (View full issue)

The Active Dynamic of Resilience in Soka Philosophy
Vinicio Busacchi
(pp. 3–25) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2021.5.6.1

Too Secularized for French Secularism: Testing the Resilience of Soka Gakkai as a Religious Institution
Yanis Ben Hammouda
(pp. 26–42) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2021.5.6.2

Buddhism and Women: Centers and Peripheries. A Case Study of Soka Gakkai
Toshie Kurihara
(pp. 43–52) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2021.5.6.3

An Endless Controversy: L. Ron Hubbard’s “Affirmations”
Massimo Introvigne
(pp. 53–69) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2021.5.6.4

Ex-Member Accounts from New Religious Movements: A Compilation, 2000-Present
J. Gordon Melton and W. Michael Ashcraft
(pp. 70–103) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2021.5.6.5

The Journal of CESNUR 5_4 cover

Volume 5, Issue 4, July–August 2021 (View full issue)

1950 Shades of Pinks and Greys: Was L. Ron Hubbard Drugged Out When He Developed OT III?
Ian C. Camacho
(pp. 3–57) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2021.5.4.1

Labeling Scientology: “Cult,” “Fringe,” “Extremist,” or Mainstream?
Rosita Šorytė
(pp. 58–76) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2021.5.4.2

The Tai Ji Men Case: A Legal Analysis
Chen Tze-Lung, Huang Chun-Chieh, and Wu Ching-Chin
(pp. 77–99) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2021.5.4.3

The Journal of CESNUR 5_3 cover

Volume 5, Issue 3, May–June 2021 (View full issue)

Prophecy, Passports, and Persecution: Church of Almighty God Asylum Cases, 2015–2021
Massimo Introvigne, James T. Richardson, and Rosita Šorytė
(pp. 3–135) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2021.5.3.1

The Journal of Cesnur-Volume 5, issue 2

Volume 5, Issue 2, March–April 2021 (View full issue)

Introduction: The Study of the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church
Bernard Doherty, Steve Knowles, and Massimo Introvigne
(pp. 3–17) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2021.5.2.1

Brethren and Separation
Crawford Gribben
(pp. 18–36) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2021.5.2.2

The Exclusive Brethren in Scotland: A Historical Overview, 1838–2018
Neil T.R. Dickson
(pp. 37–66) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2021.5.2.3

Why the New Zealand Plymouth Brethren Intervened in Politics in 2005
Peter J. Lineham
(pp. 67–91) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2021.5.2.4

The Appropriation of Information and Communication Technologies by the Plymouth Brethren Christian Church
Steve Knowles
(pp. 92–112) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2021.5.2.5

Parenting Orders for Brethren Families in Australia: The Religious Perspective of Children
Mitchell Landrigan
(pp. 113–134) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2021.5.2.6

The Plymouth Brethren Christian Church in Sweden: Child Rearing and Schooling
Liselotte Frisk and Sanja Nilsson
(pp. 135–160) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2021.5.2.7

The journal of Cesnur Volume 4, Issue 3_cover

Volume 4, Issue 3, May–June 2020 (View full issue)

Shincheonji: An Introduction
Massimo Introvigne
(pp. 3–20) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2020.4.3.1

“Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light”: Shincheonji as a Global Social Actor and Its Enemies
Rosita Šorytė
(pp. 21–34) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2020.4.3.2

Coercive Change of Religion in South Korea: The Case of the Shincheonji Church
Willy Fautré
(pp. 35–56) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2020.4.3.3

“People Trapped Inside Shincheonji”: Broadcasting the Darker Side of Deprogramming
Raffaella Di Marzio
(pp. 57–69) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2020.4.3.4

Shincheonji and the COVID-19 Epidemic: Sorting Fact from Fiction
Massimo Introvigne, Willy Fautré, Rosita Šorytė, Alessandro Amicarelli, and Marco Respinti
(pp. 70–86) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2020.4.3.5

The journal of Cesnur Volume 4, Issue 2_cover

Volume 4, Issue 2, March–April 2020 (View full issue)

La Luz del Mundo: A Short History
Massimo Introvigne
(pp. 3–20) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2020.4.2.1

The Rise of La Luz del Mundo in Texas
J. Gordon Melton
(pp. 21–35) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2020.4.2.2

The Concept of the Divinity in La Luz del Mundo
Sara S. Pozos Bravo
(pp. 36–43) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2020.4.2.3

La Luz del Mundo’s Social and Charitable Activities
Rosita Šorytė
(pp. 44–56) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2020.4.2.4

Field Report: The Light of the World in Greater Los Angeles
Donald A. Westbrook
(pp. 57–71) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2020.4.2.5

Discrimination Against La Luz del Mundo Members After the Arrest of the Apostle
Francisco Tenório
(pp. 72–77) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2020.4.2.6

Volume 3, Issue 6, November–December 2019 (View full issue)

Soka Gakkai in Italy: Success and Controversies
Massimo Introvigne
(pp. 3–17) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2019.3.6.1

Soka Gakkai’s Campaigns for Nuclear Disarmament
Rosita Šorytė
(pp. 18–31) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2019.3.6.2

The Limits of Religious Tolerance in France: The Case of Soka Gakkai
Yanis Ben Hammouda
(pp. 32–47) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2019.3.6.3

New Religions and Lifelong Learning in Taiwan: The I Ching University of Weixin Shengjiao
Jimmy Ching Ming Chang
(pp. 48–58) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2019.3.6.4

Tantric Traditions in the Spiritual Teaching of Guru Jára
Pavel Hlavinka
(pp. 59–87) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2019.3.6.5

Volume 3, Issue 2, March–April 2019 (View full issue)

Introduction: Why An Issue in Japanese | 序論日本語版の配信にあたって
The Journal of CESNUR
(pp. 4–10) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2019.3.2.1

Massimo Introvigne
(pp. 11–25) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2019.3.2.2

Massimo Introvigne
(pp. 26–44) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2019.3.2.3

Massimo Introvigne
(pp. 45–55) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2019.3.2.4

Massimo Introvigne
(pp. 56–72) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2019.3.2.5

Massimo Introvigne
(pp. 73–77) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2019.3.2.6

James T. Richardson
(pp. 78–80) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2019.3.2.7

PierLuigi Zoccatelli
(pp. 81–86) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2019.3.2.8

Justice Court of Perugia (Italy)
(pp. 87–94) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2019.3.2.9

宗教基づく中国からの難民に対する OSCE 加盟国における不寛容および差別: 全能神教会の事例
Rosita Šorytė
(pp. 95–97) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2019.3.2.10

中国での宗教弾圧 – OSCE 加盟国への影響
Massimo Introvigne
(pp. 98–100) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2019.3.2.11

Coordination des Associations et des Particuliers pour la Liberté de Conscience
(pp. 101–105) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2019.3.2.12

恣意的な勾留 – 中国
Coordination des Associations et des Particuliers pour la Liberté de Conscience
(pp. 106–110) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2019.3.2.13

Coordination des Associations et des Particuliers pour la Liberté de Conscience
(pp. 111–113) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2019.3.2.14

Coordination des Associations et des Particuliers pour la Liberté de Conscience
(pp. 114–118) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2019.3.2.15

Volume 3, Issue 1, January–February 2019 (View full issue)

Introduction: The Pen Is Mightier than the Sword
The Journal of CESNUR
(pp. 4–7) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2019.3.1.1

The Visible Expansion of the Church of Scientology and Its Actors
Bernadette Rigal-Cellard
(pp. 8–118) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2019.3.1.2

Disconnection in Scientology: A “Unique” Policy?
Massimo Introvigne
(pp. 119–139) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2019.3.1.3

No B.S. in C.E. Here: An Addendum to “Degrees of Truth: Engineering L. Ron Hubbard”
Ian C. Camacho
(pp. 140–164) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2019.3.1.4 

Donald A. Westbrook, Among the Scientologists: History, Theology, and Praxis
Reviewed by J. Gordon Melton
(pp. 165–167) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2019.3.1.5
Peter Schulte, Die Akte Scientology: Die geheimen Dokumente der Bundesregierung
Reviewed by Boris Falikov
(pp. 168–172) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2019.3.1.5
Éric Roux, Tout savoir sur la scientologie
Reviewed by Bernadette Rigal-Cellard
(pp. 172–176) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2019.3.1.5
Flavia Piccinni and Carmine Gazzanni, Nella setta
Reviewed by Massimo Introvigne
(pp. 176–180) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2019.3.1.5

Volume 2, Issue 5, September–October 2018 (View full issue)

Introduction: The Korean “Rush Hour of the Gods” and Daesoon Jinrihoe
PierLuigi Zoccatelli
(pp. 4–7) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2018.2.5.1

Cultural Identity and New Religions in Korea
Kang Donku
(pp. 8–16) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2018.2.5.2

New Religions and Daesoon Jinrihoe in Korea
Yoon Yongbok
(pp. 17–25) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2018.2.5.3

Daesoon Jinrihoe: An Introduction
Massimo Introvigne
(pp. 26–48) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2018.2.5.4

Personal Lineage as the Main Organizational Principle in Daesoon Jinrihoe
Park Sangkyu
(pp. 49–61) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2018.2.5.5

Theories of Suffering in East Asian Religions: The Case of Daesoon Jinrihoe
Cha Seon-Keun
(pp. 62–74) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2018.2.5.6

The Yeoju Headquarters Temple Complex as a Center for Social Welfare and Humanitarian Aid
Rosita Šorytė
(pp. 75–83) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2018.2.5.7

Problems in Researching Korean New Religions: A Case Study of Daesoon Jinrihoe
Yoon Yongbok and Massimo Introvigne
(pp. 84–107) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2018.2.5.8

Volume 2, Issue 4, July–August 2018 (View full issue)

Introduction—Emperor Nero Redux: Fake News and Anti-Cult Movements
Massimo Introvigne
(pp. 3–9) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2018.2.4.1

Fake News! Chinese Mobilization of Resources Against The Church of Almighty God as a Global Phenomenon
Massimo Introvigne
(pp. 10–27) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2018.2.4.2

Degrees of Truth: Engineering L. Ron Hubbard
Ian C. Camacho
(pp. 28–60) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2018.2.4.3

Trance, Meditation and Brainwashing: The Israeli Use of Hypnosis Law and New Religious Movements
Marianna Ruah-Midbar Shapiro and Sharon Warshawski
(pp. 61–96) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2018.2.4.4

La “fobia delle sette” in Italia: fake news al servizio della denigrazione religiosa
Massimo Giusio
(pp. 97–117) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2018.2.4.5

La Soka Gakkai che non c’è. Fake news e movimenti antisette
Raffaella Di Marzio
(pp. 118–140) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2018.2.4.6

Volume 2, Issue 2, March–April 2018 (View full issue)

Introduction: Scientology and the New Cult Wars
The Journal of CESNUR
(pp. 4–10) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2018.2.2.1

Is Scientology a Religion?
Luigi Berzano
(pp. 11–20) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2018.2.2.2

A Contemporary Ordered Religious Community: The Sea Organization
J. Gordon Melton
(pp. 21–59) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2018.2.2.3

“The Most Misunderstood Human Endeavor”: L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology, and Fine Arts
Massimo Introvigne
(pp. 60–92) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2018.2.2.4

The Social Construction of “Extremism” in Russia: From the Jehovah’s Witnesses to Scientology and Beyond
Massimo Introvigne
(pp. 93–100) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2018.2.2.5

The Provisions Against Religious Extremism and Illegal Business Activity as Instruments for Outlawing Religious Minorities in Russia: The Case of the Church of Scientology
Boris Falikov
(pp. 101–110) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2018.2.2.6

What Is Really Happening in Russia? A Response to Prof. Introvigne and Prof. Falikov
PierLuigi Zoccatelli
(pp. 118–123) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2018.2.2.7

Religious Discrimination and State Neutrality: The Case of Scientology in Hungary
Patricia Duval
(pp. 101–110) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2018.2.2.8

Kent, Stephen A., and Susan Raine, eds. Scientology and Popular Culture: Influences and Struggles for Legitimacy
Reviewed by Massimo Introvigne
(pp. 124–129) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2018.2.2.9
Aldo Natale Terrin, Scientology. Libertà e immortalità
Reviewed by Luigi Berzano
(pp. 129–131) DOI: 10.26338/tjoc.2018.2.2.9

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